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Down to the sea

Geplaatst 23 nov. 2011 07:27 door D. R. S.   [ 23 nov. 2011 08:03 bijgewerkt ]

Now the anchors aweigh and the ports far behind
The dolphins are playing in the foam
The mainsail is hoisted and we' re running free
And there's a strong breeze that' s bringing me home
I've been so long away scarce remember the day
When we parted you stood on the shore
And the tears that were shed and things left unsaid
And my vow i'd be sailor no more

Down to the sea once again
Down to the sea once again
There' s no other place that I' d rather be
A’II go down to the sea once again

As a boy I would dream of pirates and ships
Old galleons and I'd be first mate
We'd find islands with treasure of Spanish doubloons
And silver and pieces of eight
At the wharves I would watch the tall ships leave the docks
For places and adventures unknown
And I knew in my heart as soon as I could
I would join them when I left my home


Now I' m no longer at sea and my time it is spent
Drinking in bars by the quay
Telling stories or listening to other old sats
Reminiscing how I thought things would be.
Now my days they are empty but my heart it is full.
Of the joys and sorrows we knew
Of the ports that we sailed to
And people we met
And the memory of my promise to you