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Rolling home

Geplaatst 23 nov. 2011 07:46 door D. R. S.   [ 23 nov. 2011 08:07 bijgewerkt ]
Call all hands to man the capstan,
See the cable flaked down clear.
Heave away, an’ with a will boys,
For ol’ England we will steer.
Now Australia we are leaving,
For ol’ England give a cheer.
Fare-ye-well, ye dark-eyed damsels,
Give three cheers for English beer.


Rolling home, Rolling home
Rolling home across the sea
Rolling home to dear ol’ England
Rolling home fair land to thee

Man your captain, bars an’ swifters,
Every-one that can clap on.
As we heave her out the pawl’s boys,
We wil sing our well known song.
Up along amid the riggings,
Up amid the howllng gale.
We wil furl our big main top-sail,
As we’re rollin’ home again.


Goodbye heads we’re bound to leave you,
Haul the towrope all inboard.
We will leave Old Aussie starnwards,
Clap all sail we can afford.
Round Cape Horn on a winters morning,
Now among the ice an’ snow.
Ye will hear our shellbacks singin,
Sheet her home boys, let her go.


Eighteen months away from England,
Only fifty days no more.
On salt horse and crackerhash boys,
Boston beans that make us sore.
Now the Lizzard light’s a-shining,
An we’re bound up to the nore.
With the canvas full an’ drawin,
Soon we’ll be on England’s shore.

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