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south Australia

Geplaatst 23 nov. 2011 07:50 door D. R. S.   [ 23 nov. 2011 08:09 bijgewerkt ]

In south Australia here i was born,
eave away.. houl away
South Australia 'round cape horn

And we 're baund far south Australia

Houl away yau rolling king
Heave away.. haul away
AII the way yau' II hear
me sing
We are baund for sauth Australia

South Australia is me home

Heave awav.. haul awaJ[

Fram there i never more shall roam

And we 're baund far sauth Australia


Sauth Australia is me native land
Heave awav.. haul away
Rich in lizards.. files and sand
And we're bound for south Australia


Yes south Australia is a bloddy fine place
Heave awav... haul away

To get blind drunk is no disgrace

And we 're baund tor south Australia


I wish God i'd never barn
Heave away. haul away

Ta go a rambling round cape horn

And we 're baund far sauth Australia